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How to Sell a Home without Repair Expenses

Are you planning on selling a house that is badly in need of repairs? How do you do that without bleeding your wallet dry? Plenty of homeowners believe the only option is having a Realtor and selling their property without making repairs.

Going the usual route and using a Realtor in order to sell a house fast with repairs is difficult enough; but selling a house that is in need of repairs, especially expensive ones, is nearly impossible for even seasoned real estate agents.

As the market grows consistently, buyers have become choosier with an abundance of homes for sale. It is anticipated that six million homes are going to be sold for this year exclusively, the highest number within ten years. Sellers must therefore expect more time on the market and stronger competition.
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When selling a house that badly needs repairs, Realtors normally suggest reducing your asking price to cut down your home’s time on market. This is good, theoretically speaking. More time spent on the market means more money spend by the homeowner on the property’s insurance, taxes and utilities. Your Realtor though could be more focused on selling and receiving money than selling your property at the right price to the right party. There are times when having a Realtor means foregoing your home’s best chance of selling. Using a Realtor also comes with surprise unexpected fees, commissions, and undesired advice on managing your property.
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The Real Solution – Selling Your House for Cash

If you’re thinking of selling a house fast with repairs by using contractors, don’t be surprised that you have to pay more fees, deal with more paperwork, and other hassles. With a realtor, the picture gets even more complex. Selling the property for cash is the easiest and fastest solution.

Sounds unorthodox, but it’s actually quite common in the market these days. A cash offer means the buyer will have less struggles, and you will be offered a much quicker close.

This is obviously because the equation need not include mortgage and banks. Besides that, cash buyers provide greater stability for sellers. They are normally pre-approved before they make an offer on your property. Therefore, when a cash buyer is interested, there’s a sureness of sell that cannot be paralleled elsewhere.

Of course, the most important advantage of accepting a cash buyer is their willingness to purchase your home “as is.” Homeowners need not think about repairs or giving the house a facelift. A cash buyer will just want your home the exact way it is, and will pay for it fairly.

So how do you go about selling a house quickly when there’s a lot of repairs needed? Stay away from expensive renovations, contractors and Realtors, and look for out cash home buyers.

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